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Aerobics Class

Wellness services at sbc

Nutrition and Proper Diet Plans

Do your nutritional habits support a healthy lifestyle? Everyone has different dieting needs. Find out how eating the right foods  can help you achieve your personal wellness goal. Learning the fundamentals of healthy eating, losing weight, improving health and boosting your mood and energy, can all be accomplished with simple changes and goal setting. Single session packages and monthly programs are available. For more information contact Denise Gappa

Mental Wellness

Stress, sleeplessness, and chronic worries can all take a toll on our emotional wellness. By combining certain therapies such as aromatherapy, relaxation techniques, meditation and adjusting certain dietary items, we can help you achieve mental and emotional wellness. Various programs and one-on-one appointments are offered.

Physical Wellness

Based on your age, weight, and health conditions we will help find the right blend of physical activity and exercise.  Physical activity decreases the risk of some health problems such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Exercising helps reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, helps prevent and manage stress, and promotes mental well-being.  Schedule an appointment for an individual plan created just for you!

To schedule an appointment call (847) 898-9945.

Massage Therapy

Massage can be a powerful tool to help complete your overall wellness.

Massage can: Improve circulation and energy, reduce pain and muscle soreness, reduce stress and increase relaxation.

Migdalia now offers Massage Services at the South Barrington Club. She is a licensed massage therapist and offers many types of massage. If you just want to relax or if you need a clinical sports massage, she can provide it.


Massage Services

Cupping   • Relaxation  • Trigger point  

Deep Tissue •Sports • Trauma • Hot Stone  

Swedish  • Aromatherapy


To schedule an appointment call (847) 898-9945


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