Tennis Practice

sbc Junior tennis academy

Spongeball Academy:  Ages 4-6 Spongeball will be taught on the 36-foot court using USTA transition balls. Players will be introduced to basic tennis skills through throwing and catching. Footwork, FUN, hand-eye and partner coordinated drills will be emphasized at this level.

Red Ball Academy: Ages:  Ages 6-9 Red ball will be taught on the 36-foot court using red ball transition balls. Coaches and players will work together in partner-oriented tennis drills, footwork drills, hand-eye drills and introduced to scoring and rallying.

Orange Ball Academy:  Ages:  Ages 6-10  Orange ball will be taught on a 60-foot court using orange dot transition balls. Players in this class will be taught using partner tennis drills, rallying and scoring. Coaches will teach specific techniques of every stroke to ensure that players can be successful when transitioning into the next level. Players in this group are encouraged to play Orange Ball USTA tournaments.

Green Ball Academy: Ages: Ages 9-12 Green ball will be taught on a regulation tennis court using the green dot transition balls. Players in this class will continue to work on the techniques learned in orange ball. They will continue to work on footwork patterns, strategy and tactics in match play. Players in this class will be encouraged to play USTA tournaments.

Middle School / High School Academy: MS/HS will be divided into the appropriate skill level to ensure that all players will have the ability to learn at the appropriate pace. The MS/HS drill will be taught using a combination of drills, hand feeding, live ball, strategy, tactics and situational play getting the players ready to compete in high school, local tournaments and or USTA tournaments.

Elite Academy:  The Elite class is designed for high school and tournament players wanting to take their game to the next level. Players at this level will be challenged in a fun, yet competitive environment. ELITE players will be motivated to become the best tennis version of themselves. All aspects of strategy, tactics in both singles and doubles, situational point play and new techniques that will allow players to create the pace and spin with the consistency to elevate their game will be taught and encouraged at this level. ELITE players are expected to play USTA local, Midwest and National tournaments. Placement in this class is approved by Tennis Director