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Proposed Park Projects

Dunteman Park

Playground Replaced

Tennis Courts Replaced with Pickleball

Basketball Court Replaced with Pickle Ball

Sand Volleyball Removed

Baseball fencing replaced or repaired


Shelter replaced

Parking Lot Replaced/ Expanded

Shed Repaired

Community  Park

Playground Repaired

Tennis Courts Repaired

Basketball Court New

Sand Volleyball  New Sand

Baseball Netting replaced or repaired


Shelter renovated

Parking Lot Sealcoat &Speed Bumps Repaired

Splash Pad

Community Center

Addition of Pickleball

Roof Repairs

New Carpet 

Gym Lighting and Ceiling

Parking Lot

Fitness Court

South Barrington Park District

REFERENDUM Question and Answers

Why does the Park District want to sell area “N”?

The park district would like to use proceeds to improve existing parks

with planned capital improvements. 


Will selling this property increase my tax bill?    

No. The property sale will not impact the park district tax bill.


What will happen to the property after sale?

The Property could be subject to normal development requirements and could increase the tax base.


How much park property does the district have now?

The Park District owns and maintains 81 acres which includes 4 parks:  Marvin Dunteman Park 5 acres,

Community Park 20 acres, South Barrington Community Center 10 acres, Area C 13 acres and Area N 33 acres.


Why does the sale have to go to referendum?

Park District rules require the sale question to be put to a referendum.


Voters approved this in 2020 so why are you going to referendum again?

The park district was unable to sell the property in the required time limitation.

Who can I contact for more information?

Questions can be directed to Jay Morgan

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