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philosophy and policies

The philosophy of the aquatic staff of the South Barrington Park District is to establish and maintain two goals:

  • To deliver quality swim instruction to all ages, at all levels

  • To enhance the individual’s aquatic safety skills to be used in and around all bodies of water

The aquatic staff of the South Barrington Park District has been trained to follow the American Red Cross swimming guidelines. Each level of instruction is designed as a progression approach to swim instruction, building on previously acquired skills. Participants will move from level to level of instruction only when they have mastered their current placement. Our staff will be available to make ongoing changes as students gain skills. There are no age restrictions for any of our classes. However, expectations vary greatly from preschool to youth lessons. Preschool children are staffed at a lower staff/child ratio (1:6) and various swimming aids are frequently used. Once the child advances to our youth levels, class expectations change. Children are expected to follow directions, wait their turn, and trust their instructor when new skills are introduced. Finally, for your convenience, private swim lessons are available. Please note that group lessons could be canceled due to low enrollment, so register early!


Contact the Aquatic Supervisor in regards to making up a class or for approval to make up a class.

Lesson Placement

If a child is not enrolled in the correct level, the teaching staff will try to make corrections on the first day of the session. If enrollment does not meet the class minimum of 4 students, classes may be canceled or levels may be combined.

Parental Observation

In order for class participants to learn as much as possible, parents are not allowed on deck during lessons. You may view the lessons from the upstairs viewing windows. Please deliver and pick up your children on the pool deck. Shoes and strollers are not allowed on the pool deck. Showers are encouraged before children enter the water. An adult should be available during the entire lesson in case assistance is needed to take the child to the bathroom during class time, or if first aid is required. Families are asked to use the family changing locker rooms. Children age six and over are not allowed in the opposite-gender locker rooms at any time.

Lesson Fees

Lesson fees are based on the number of lessons in the session. Registering before the registration deadline is encouraged as our swim classes fill quickly. Due to curriculum, classes can not be prorated.

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