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membership and billing Information

For Membership information or to schedule a tour call or email Janet Lundholm at (847) 898-9951 /

Club Life - South Barrington Club Guide

Membership Details

Membership Agreement

Upon receipt of your one-time initiation fee, you will become a member for a minimum of 12 months.

Membership Key Tags

Each member will receive a key tag which must be scanned upon entry into the club. Replacement key tags can be purchased for a $5 fee.

Member Identification

In order to protect your membership and prevent unauthorized non-members from taking advantage of club facilities, members should have their membership cards available at all times.

House Charge and EFT Policy

Members can charge purchases at the club to their house charge account. Members will receive a statement each month for membership dues and items charged to the account. All new members will be required to provide electronic funds transfer (EFT) information in the form of a credit card or bank account information for payment of your monthly statement.

EFT Form 

Membership Resignation

 If you wish to resign your membership after the initial twelve-month period, a resignation form must be completed. Forms are available at the club front desk. Memberships are only cancelled at the end of a month, therefore partial credit is not granted.  The resignation form must be completed and submitted to the Membership Department, who will notify the existing member of the exact date their membership will end.  If you wish to rejoin the club after resignation, you must reapply and pay an initiation fee.

Changing Member Status

Your membership may be upgraded to a new level at any time (i.e.: from individual to family or from associate to executive). If you increase the number of people on your membership, you will be charged the difference in initiation fees between the membership types upon submission of a status change form. You may downgrade your membership status, after a 12 month period.


Members Reward Program

When you refer a new member to the club, you will receive a $50 SBC gift card and 2 guest passes.  Referral bonuses are not awarded for junior and corporate, paddle memberships.

Dress Code

Appropriate clothing and shoes for the sport in which you are participating are required. Shoes and shirts must be worn on the premises, excluding the pool deck area. Wet swimsuits and bare feet are not allowed in the club.

Medical Leave

If a member needs to take medical leave, a completed South Barrington Club medical form and doctor’s note will be required.

Membership Rates

All membership rates are subject to change.

Fitness Center and Track

You must be 13 years old to use the fitness center and 15 years old to use the indoor track.

Unsupervised Children

Children under the age of 10 must be under the direct supervision of an adult while at the South Barrington Club.

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